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Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for taking the time to rate our service, products, and employees. Your opinion is very important to us. This information will be used to improve our business.

For each statement below, please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree. You may also type additional comments at the bottom of the survey.

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeither Agree nor DisagreeAgreeStrongly AgreeNot Applicable
It was easy to set up an appointment to work on my problem or project.
My problem was quickly identified.
My problem or project was handled effectively.
The New Electric staff that served me communicated well, helping me understand what they were doing.
My questions were answered well.
The New Electric staff that served me was professional and courteous.
High quality parts were used in the repair or project.
I was treated with respect.
Overall, my experience with New Electric was positive.
I would recommend New Electric to my friends.