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Cecilio R (aka Chito)

Chito is such a professional. I met him over at a homeowner service call and he took measurements and took the time to make sure everything will be done right and with less damage. Chito accommodated his schedule to complete the work within a shorter time frame so the homeowner did not have to wait a long time with holes in her ceiling.

Also called in to say he is a pleasure to work with and the homeowner was very happy with the work done.

-Scott S. Customer Service Rep for Taylor Morrison

Compliment about Jason W.

Jason is really sweet and kind, so very helpful and always on time. He is willing to take the extra time to explain what he did or why it works, which is helpful for CalAtlantic and the homeowners. He is always smiling and happy no matter which home and he waves when he drives by. I cannot say enough about him.

Thank you Jason for all that you do!

-Builder Representative @ CalAtlantic's Coldwater Ranch

Compliment on New Electric's Service

I can always count on New Electric to make it to every appointment. No matter what the situation I know I can call New Electric and they will do what they can to help out. New Electric always goes the extra mile. When anyone asks me for a recommendation I always say New Electric!

-Tina S, Customer Service Representative @ CalAtlantic Homes

Elder G.

From a call from Tom J, a homeowner at AV Homes Canta Mia P 12 Community: 

Elder did a wonderful job, (he is) kind, patient & knew what he was doing. Elder changed out the mgfi in the garage & reset his S/D’s. Elder went over with Tom about the filter for the heating system & checked it due to the S/D problem. Elder gave me a lot of helpful information. Tom said he would have Elder back in a heart beat if needed.

-Phone Call from homeowner Tom at AV Homes Canta Mia

Elder G. and Tin T. Appreciation

Thank you all for the techs you have assigned to Estrella.

First, I would like to recognize Elder's hard work and dedication to his job. He is always fast to answer any questions and help with any concerns.

Second, I would like to recognize your rough tech Tin. It was a really nice surprise that out of the last three trades in the house, he was sweeping it nice and clean at the end of the day.

Thanks to all of you, I know it is really easy to see everybody that makes a mistake and point it out, but I like to point out that we also notice when a person does the right thing and to do it without being told makes it even better.

Thank you.

-Hector Saldana @ David Weekley Homes

Elder Garcia recognized by Shea Homes

Shea Homes sent a card in recognition of the positive attitude and performance of Elder Garcia of New Electric.

-New Electric

Jason M.

Homeowner called in to give a compliment for Jason M. who came out to her house. Jason went above and beyond in explaining and teaching the homeowner what needed to be done. Jason walked around with the homeowner and explained a GFCI. The homeowner was impressed that New Electric was able to get someone out right way to take care of her concerns. Jason was wonderful, great, and very helpful.

-Homeowner at Ryland's Baraca Estates

Javier O and Andrea W

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being such a great business partner to work with. Both Andrea and Javier, you guys are awesome!! You always take care of me and even on short notice you rise to the challenge and I so appreciate you both. Keep up the great work!

-Duke @ William Lyon Homes

Jose V.

Dear Mr. Hake,

Just wanted to take a moment of your time to let you know that it was a pleasure dealing with a member of your team, Jose Vargas.

He has taken care of two different electrical needs in my home over the last couple of months and most recently today.   He is courteous, prompt and dependable.  

Rest assured I will pass word about your company to any home owner that requires electrical work.

Please pass along my gratitude to Jose for a job well done,  twice.


Francisco Robledo

Jose Vargas

From Curtis, a homeowner at David Weekley's Acacia Estates community:

I wanted to call and say I really liked Mr. Vargas. He did a great job and he is the best technician that has been to my home and I would like to request him for any future work.

-Phone Call from homeowner Curtis at David Weekley's Acacia Estates