About Us

The founders of New Electric, Inc. brought more than 70 years of combined residential electrical management experience to form the company in early 2007. They managed through lean years as well as times of tremendous growth in the metro-Phoenix market. Their knowledge, skills and innovative processes combined with the commitment to provide professional, high quality, efficient and timely electrical services are now relied upon by many of the valley’s homebuilders and remodeling contractors. 

Newly built homes are created with the new owner in mind. When the keys are turned over to the new homeowner, they become a customer of New Electric.  We continue to provide services to these customers both under warranty as well as any upgrades, revisions or additional electrical support they may need. 

Whether a builder or homeowner, the New Electric team is committed to meeting the customer’s needs and ensuring the quality and value of our work. We recognize that cost is a big part of why any service provider is chosen and feel confident that you’ll find we offer a competitive price but more importantly, the best value for your money.



  • Making decisions with our employees best interest as a primary focus.
  • Having the compassion, patience and attentiveness to put our employees needs first.
  • Maintain a work environment and policies that enhance character, strengthen individuals and enrich families.


  • Utilizing Christian values, including humility, honesty, integrity and kindness, in all activities within our Company and Community.
  • Understanding that every person in the Company has something to contribute and every role is very important.
  • Consider the opinions and experiences of the entire team while making any and all business decisions.


  • Recognizing GOD as the ultimate owner of all the resources, talents and opportunities that we encounter, manage and utilize on a daily basis.
  • Submitting our decisions to GOD and listening for HIS affirmation.
  • Committing to selfless service to one another.