“Appreciate you team! They’ve been amazing! Never experienced anything close to their customer service since I moved to AZ!! I’ve been in housing industry since 2006, with William Lyon, Taylor Morrison. It’s hard to find good companies, you folks are the epitome of great customer service.”
~Mike at Brightland Homes
“Joaquin did a wonderful job. I found him very professional, and I was very pleased with his work. He cleaned up after himself and was very informative and talked through everything with me. He checked to make sure everything was working properly before he left.”
~Don C, Homeowner at David Weekley – Sunset Ridge
“Joaquin was very clean and did not make a mess. He was very polite and went above and beyond. He did a wonderful job.”
~Mr. Lemke, homeowner at David Weekley – Mountainside at Verrado
“Joaquin was wonderful, super helpful and the best and most enjoyable person we have worked with.”
~Jake, homeowner at David Weekley
“Leo was very meticulous and did a great job.”
~Homeowner at Fulton Homes – Lakeview Trails Morrison Ranch
“Elder is such a wonderful young man and very professional!”
~Teddie H, a homeowner at David Weekley – Eagle Crest at Blackstone
“Elder is very nice and I appreciated how he took the time to explain everything to me. He is a very respectful person and took the time to be very careful and make sure he kept everything clean.”
~Tom W, homeowner at Gehan Homes – Windrose 35s
“Everything about New Electric is wonderful! Thank you! Awesome fast and courteous service. Outstanding service, neat, organized, efficient and very professional!!!!”
~Tina L, a homeowner
“I just wanted to let you know that Joaquin came out today to our home in Queen Creek and was incredibly professional and a huge help. I needed an outlet created upstairs that he had to go up through the attic in the middle of the day to create. It was a hot day so I’m sure it was difficult work but he didn’t complain a bit. In fact, he helped me think through where the outlet should be and came up with a much better idea than I originally had in mind. He also fixed a few other things including a pendant light mount that had been giving me problems. He showed me why I was having problems and gave me some custom screws that I could use to make sure the problem didn’t happen again. He’s clearly an expert, and was a great person as well. Thank you for sending him our way.”
~Aaron S., Homeowner at Taylor Morrison – Terravella Voyage
“Elder was one of the most professional people I have ever had come to do any type of service on my house. He wore a mask and booties without being asked. He was very thorough and checked with me to make sure I understood everything and had no questions. I greatly appreciate him coming to my house wearing a mask without being asked.”
~Susan, Homeowner at Landsea Homes – North Copper Canyon
“We appreciate the outstanding service from Joaquin. He was exceedingly polite, knowledgeable, efficient and cleaned up completely.”
~Homeowner at Taylor Morrison – Andaluza
“I wanted to share with your office some feedback that I received from the homeowner at Cooley Station lot 702, regarding one of your technicians. Homeowner said he was very nice to deal with and was pleased with his work. I too, was at this appointment and witnessed how he took the time to explain the work he was doing. He was very patient with the homeowner and tried to duplicate the short she experienced with the toaster. He then took the opportunity to educate the homeowner on what she can do to prevent this from happening again. I wish all our trades were this kind and professional with our homeowners! Thank you!–Becky T.”
~Cooley Station Customer Service
“Call in after a same-day appointment – I wanted to call in and thank you for getting a tech to my home so quickly. Antonio was careful and did an awesome job. I was impressed that he was able to correct the issue so quickly. Thank you again!–Joy ”
~Homeowner at Taylor Morrison’s Adora Trails Discovery
“Mr. Hession, I am compelled to write to you regarding Jose V. He is not only an asset to your company but ours as well. Jose is always upbeat and has a “can do” attitude. It’s very refreshing to work with a true professional like Jose. On many occasions Jose has gone above and beyond and come through for us when we needed his help. Jose has fixed electrical issues caused by other vendor products without complaint. This really helped us close several homes on schedule and save the hassle and time of scheduling post-closing service calls. His attention to detail discovered several serious errors that had the potential to start a fire or shock the homeowner causing serious injuries. I hope we have the privilege of working with him at Charleston Estates for a very long time. He makes all jobs easier and proactively communicates potential issues regularly. My compliments to you sir for having such a huge asset at our disposal! Thank you.–Todd K.”
~Charleston Estates Project Manager
“Good Morning! I wanted to take a minute to recognize one of your employees that is always willing to help at any time. Nate I is a blessing to have out here at Sky Crossing. I know we all are quick to jump when things go wrong but we hardly take the time to recognize great workers. Thanks to New Electric for having such a dedicated hard worker like Nate, that helps make my life easier every day!–Mike D.”
~Supervisor at Taylor Morrison’s Sky Crossing
“Just wanted to say thank you for staying on top of things. Andrea always replies right away to my emails and I get responses out on the field right away! Thank you!–Michael G.”
~Project Manager at Fulton Homes
“Spoke to the homeowner and she complimented New Electric and said Cecilio was super nice, clean cut, and VERY thorough in his job. She really appreciated all that was done. Homeowner was very pleased, thank you.–Nanci Thomas ”
~Fulton Homes Customer Care Rep
“I want to recognize Stoney who does a great job of making sure everything is covered and taken care of, my roughs are done very well. He really knows his stuff, I have actually learned things, which is great because two things that are difficult as far as Im concerned is electric and plumbing. I appreciate you guys!–Jeff”
~Gehan Homes North Copper Canyon Superintendent
“Hi, I just wanted to let you know Manny from New Electric was at my door first thing this morning and fixed the closet light. Thanks for your diligence in this matter. Manny did a great job. Hes a keeper! Thanks again–Mary”
~Homeowner at David Weekley’s Reserves
“I would like to recognize Pablo for walking Del Rio lot 93 and finding that all the kitchen cabinets were laid out in reverse. I was very impressed that during these stressful times that one of your employees would actually double check the work and find what many others including myself did not see. This find has saved us from many headaches because now we can correct it before the finish items are installed. I would like to recognize Pablo for going above and beyond and doing an exceptional job for New Electric and how he represents your company as being a premier electrical contractor. This catch was a big one and I am very grateful for Pablo.–Corey L.”
~Beazer Homes Superintendent
“We do not know where we would be without Joaquin who fixed a lot of our major electrical problems.”
~Homeowner at North Copper Canyon by Landsea Homes
“Just wanted to let you know my wife said Antonio did a fantastic job. He was courteous, awesome, friendly and knew exactly what was wrong and she and myself wanted to let you know that he is a great representation of New Electric.–David L.”
~Customer Service Manager at Fulton Homes
“New Electric is one of the best electrical companies to work with from scheduling to the personnel out in the field. The project manager in the area is always willing to help get the job done. When having to call and schedule it never feels like she is rushing on to the next task so I know the job will get completed. When a homeowner calls in and they are wanting work done I always tell them the only electrical company I would work with is New Electric.–Justin ”
~Taylor Morrison Superintendent
“The homeowner was very happy with the work done at his home. He stated Antonio was the nicest, most helpful tech they have ever had in their house.”
~Homeowner at Homestead at Meridian by Taylor Morrison
“I am writing this email to let you know that as we have completed Grand Village and North Copper Canyon 68, your superintendent on site Joaquin was an enormous help to us. As stressful of a building environment as 2020 was, Joaquin remained professional and was an excellent asset in the field for his knowledge and problem solving. Thank you guys for your dedication to helping us build quality homes for our buyers.–Kevin”
~Area Manager at Landsea Homes
“I wanted to call and say I really liked Mr. Vargas. He did a great job and he is the best technician that has been to my home and I would like to request him for any future work.–Curtis”
~Homeowner at David Weekley’s Acacia Estates
“Amanda is amazing, she is easy to talk to on the phone and is always willing to help and will get me the answers in a timely manner. New Electric customer service is amazing. They are always willing to work with us on days and time. Never have to worry about my appointments, they are always there and go above and beyond.–Miyoung ”
~Customer Service rep at Garrett Walker Homes