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  • Ceiling Fan Add a ceiling fan to  those locations you may have missed or would like to make more comfortable. We will add the box and wire and can even install your home owner provided fan for you. We will also remove and relocate existing ceiling fans. EXAMPLE
  • LED Tape Enhance the look of any area or light up workspaces. LED tape can be used below, above, or at toe kick locations of any cabinet. You can also get creative and install inside cabinets with glass doors, in niches, ceiling molding, or behind frame mirrors. EXAMPLE
  • Coach Light or Flood Lights Feel more secure by including additional lighting to the exterior of your home.
  • Outlet / Receptacle Great addition for wall mount television, above hall or laundry base cabinets, under your vanity to have convenient charging stations for personal care items like toothbrush, razor or water pick. We can also add outlets on the exterior of your home  for a television on a back patio or an outlet for light yard work equipment.
  • Pendant Light Add above islands, peninsulas, vanities, or above night stands for an elegant and functional look. EXAMPLE
  • Dedicated Interior Outlet / Receptacle from main panel to any location. EXAMPLE
    • Great locations to add a dedicated circuit would be a home office, exercise equipment, extra refrigerator or freezer or workshop area for power tools.
    • We can also add them outside for landscape timers or fountains.
  • Recess Cans or Light Boxes Include in any room, halls, closets or niches to add light to an area or highlight an item . EXAMPLE
  • Bulbs We can help you replace dim or outdated bulbs with an up to date LED style product. Not only will it freshen the look of your home but it will also save energy, remain cool with no heat emission and has a long lifespan. EXAMPLE
  • Occupancy switch This is an easy way to turn on your garage light when entering the garage. We will change out your existing switch with a switch that will detect when you walk or drive into the garage. EXAMPLE


  • Match the color of your backsplash with outlets that are close in color. EXAMPLE
  • If you are adding a backsplash remove your existing wall outlets and add them under your upper cabinets to give your new backsplash a clean look. We can show you the products to make this possible. 
  • Old or discolored Recess Can Trim? We can replace your old recess can trim with a new trim or upgrade to an LED style trim. There are many options. Contact us to discuss.
  • Dimmer Switch We have many styles of dimmer switches that can adjust the lighting to your mood. Manual or WI-FI version with full programable application available. Contact us for suggestions. EXAMPLE
  • USB Receptacle a very convenient way to plug your phone, tablet or other electronics into for a fast charge. Always good next to a night stand or an electronic drop zone. EXAMPLE


  • Before buying that electric vehicle, make sure you are ready by installing the proper wire and outlet. New Electric will wire from your main panel to the location you deem most convenient to plug your car in. (charger install not included)
  • Do you or your guest’s have a travel trailer or RV?   New Electric can provide the outlet for you.


Did you know that most surges come from inside the home? 80% of residential surges are caused by devices you use every day, including your hair dryer, you’re A/C unit and even garage door openers. Every time you turn on a high-powered device, it forms a mini-surge in your home’s electrical circuitry that reduces the life expectancy of your appliances. Over time, these mini surges can damage the circuit boards in appliances and electronics and may cause them to fail or not operate properly. To replace these items could cost you thousands of dollars.

Electronics in your home that could be at risk include:

  • Heating and Air conditioning units
  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • Refrigerators
  • Microwaves
  • Electric Ranges
  • Dishwashers
  • Washers & Electric Dryers

The best way to protect your investment is to install a whole home surge protector. This can be installed on the bottom of your panel and at a very low cost. (Contact New Electric for more information) EXAMPLE


  • Replace existing old receptacle with child tamper proof  receptacle (see FAQ’s page for product description)
  • Electrical Inspection lists
  • Smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector replacement
  • Troubleshoot issues and repair
  • Add sub panels
  • Replace faulty breakers
  • Jacuzzi or Spa wiring
  • Tankless water heater outlet / receptacle
  • Hang or Replace (home owner provided) Light Fixture


  • Testing, cleaning out sensor vents, and changing the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors once a year.
  • Check the breaker panel connections. (Aluminum wires especially will expand and contract and over the years will loosen inside the breaker connections). 

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